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I was asked the question is it better to “give or receive”?

So let me answer that question with a simple life equation which I’ve used throughout my years of coaching.

Solve the equation:

There are 10 people who are in desperate need of food, I’m also hungry but not desperate. I have 5 pieces of meat, 5 potatoes, 5 avocados & 2 litres of water.¬† If I divide the meat, potatoes & avocados by 2, the water by 10 and distribute equally amongst the 10 people, how many people will be thankful for the distribution of food and water?

Is it 10? Or is it more?

For the sake of argument let’s say there are 2 of everyone except the one who received food & water.
Now add the person who received the food & water + 2 parents + 2 grandparents + 2 siblings + 2 aunts + 2 uncles + 2 cousins + 2 friends x 10 = ???

Answer: 150 people

The moral of the story is it’s “better to give than receive” because giving always reaches further than the initial person who received which empowers and encourages each recipient to give as well.

I like to call it “spreading love” and the joy I get from helping others is “priceless”!!!

wish familyal with mira

Friends United Beyond All Race along with your support are making an impact in the lives of Wish families. The difficulties these families go through are unmeasurable and we are here to provide “hope & strength” to help them fight through life threatening illnesses.¬†Having their wish granted gives them an opportunity to focus on something positive and feel normal during these difficult times.

Whether you were able to attend the F.U.B.A.R. Summer Splash or Golf Classic events, this is your opportunity to give and help us grant wishes. Make a minimum $20 donation and receive a tax deductible receipt from Make-A-Wish BC/Yukon. Please click this link to donate and make this the best year yet!!!

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Friends United Beyond All Race Inc. & Make-A-Wish BC/Yukon thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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